Monday 7 March 2016
Top tips for a tip top property

They say prevention is better than cure. That is certainly the case when it comes to your property. By carrying out these simple tasks you can safeguard your home or business, making it secure and ready to withstand the worst of the weather.

  • Roof: make a visible check of your roof to ensure there are no slipped tiles. High wind could blow tiles off the roof, damaging whatever they hit, as well as increasing the chance of leaks
  • Drains and gutters: ensure that drains and gutters are clear and silt-free
  • Walls: make sure your damp proof course is not bridged by debris
  • Garden: prune any trees near to your property to prevent branches falling onto walls or into windows during high winds
  • Security: check that your security lights and their sensors are working properly
  • Garage/shed: ensure the locks on outside buildings are in good working condition
  • Water: check your stopcock and review the insulation of the pipes and tank in the roof – a cold snap could freeze the tank. It is also a good idea to get your central heating boiler serviced regularly
  • Electric: check plugs and sockets for cracks and damage. Have them replaced if necessary. Check your fuse box and make sure you have spare fuses to hand
  • Alarms: regularly check that smoke alarms are working – if you do not have them make it a priority to install them. If you have a burglar alarm ensure it is serviced
  • Insurance: make sure your property is fully covered and any valuables or additions, such as a new conservatory or extension, are included on your policy. Ask yourself if the value of your insurance covers the cost of replacing your property and its contents. If you are unsure then you should speak to your Insurance Broker.