Tuesday 26 April 2016
Do you know the current value of your engagement ring?

At WTJ we strongly recommend reviewing whether you need more from your insurance than your current cover can offer, as you may be surprised at the rise in value of your extra precious items.

Did you know?

  • Many individuals regularly underestimate their sums insured by at least 40%*
  • Since January 2000 the price of gold and silver has increased by around 300%**

If you think you may be underinsured then talk to us. Working with UK leading insurers means we can help you establish the true value of your treasured possessions so you can rest assured that you’re fully covered should they ever need to be replaced.

WTJ give you the best of both worlds - our personal touch and market expertise combined with a great product that offers you a range of benefits. With a flexible approach we can tailor your insurance to your needs.

Find out whether you need more cover

If you are interested in reviewing your current arrangements call us today.

* UK insurance for the Affluent, Datamonitor, 2013