Tuesday 21 June 2016
Top tips for maintaining a good relationship with your tenants

It is important to maintain a good relationship with your tenants because not only does it make your life easier, it could also reduce the chance of rental payments being missed.

A harmonious landlord-tenant relationship is beneficial for everyone involved, so here are our top tips on maintaining a good relationship!

Move in day

Being at the property on the day your new tenants are moving in can make you seem more approachable and offering a helping hand will make a good impression. You want your tenants to feel that they can come to you with an issue they might have.

You could even go one step further by providing a welcome pack consisting of tea, sugar, bread, toilet paper and washing up liquid. Going the extra mile to provide these essentials can go a long way to making a stressful move that much easier and smoother for a tenant.

Be available

The day to day pressures of life can make it tough to always be available, particularly if you have a portfolio of properties. However, good communication is key and can play an important role in maintaining a healthy landlord-tenant relationship.

If you are often delayed with getting back to tenants’ calls or texts, tenants are likely to stop informing you of any issues that they might have. Not only does this leave you in the dark with any repairs that your property might require but it could cause your tenants to take matters in to their own hands.

But not too available

Try to avoid dropping in on your tenants without any warning. It is important to remember that while ultimately you own the property, it is now your tenant’s home and no one likes guests to show up unannounced. It is also mandatory for landlords to give 24 hours’ notice before making a visit.

Keep your promises

All relationships are built on understanding and trust, and a relationship with your tenant is no different. If you promise to carry out a repair by a certain, try your best to make this happen.

If you make promises of fixing leaky pipes or replacing faulty appliances but then fail to do so, this can lead tenants to believe that if they need something done, you aren’t the person to come to.

Resolving the issue accurately and within two to three business working days (depending on the severity of the problem) can prevent feelings of anger or distrust to arise.


Catching up with your tenants every now and again can demonstrate that you actually care about their time in your property, whether this be a phone call, email or property visit.

On the other hand, showing up only when things go wrong or when you want your money will not go unnoticed and can damage what could have been an enjoyable relationship.

Maintain records

Creating a system for documenting maintenance or other tenant requests is a good way of showing that you are responsible and it can also prevent arguments from arising in the future.

This is as a result of providing a record should any issues arise in the future such as your tenants being confused about dates and times agreed for maintenance checks or repairs, which is an added benefit.

Being a landlord is not an easy task by any means but keeping these tips in mind can help you to build a healthy and sustainable relationship with your tenants.