Monday 10 October 2016
Better clear your gutter

It's wonderful to see red, orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees at this time of year. But it's not quite so wonderful if they gather in your gutters.

Leaves, twigs, acorns and other organic debris can all clog gutters and cause water to run over their edges, either down your walls or straight to the ground. This overflowing water can leave damage to fascia boards, brickwork and pointing, and can also cause penetrating damp, ground erosion and cracks in the foundation. In addition, your gutters might start to leak and sag due to the weight of the debris and trapped water being heavier than what gutters are designed for.

If water stays trapped in the gutter for a period of time, it may continuously be blown onto the fascia boards so they are constantly wetting and drying — which is a real problem if you have wooden fascias. At the very worst, rot can penetrate your roof's eves.

All these problems demonstrate why it's important to keep your gutters clear. If you're not keen on getting up a ladder yourself, and who would blame you, you can always ask a professional to carry out gutter maintenance.