Monday 22 May 2017

Following a number of recent high profile cases, we would advise all Customers to take seriously the threat of Cyber attacks.

Is your risk management up to scratch? Are your staff aware of the dangers?

Here are a number of practical steps which you can apply:

  • Have a designated employee responsible for cyber security and a written policy prepared by key managers
  • Make sure your network is protected by robust firewalls
  • Always keep your systems and anti-virus software updated
  • Be wary of emails from unknown contacts with unexpected subjects, i.e. Parking Fines, Invoices, Job offers etc.
  • NEVER open attachments from an unknown source
  • Try to avoid clicking links to websites in emails – if possible, always enter via your browser
  • Keep personal use on computers linked to your network to a minimum – if possible, provide separate portals that are not linked to your network for personal use. If personal use is permitted on network-linked computers, such use should be monitored so that any issues or unauthorised activity can be detected and investigated as required
  • Passwords should be strong, and changed at regular intervals
  • The use of removable media (i.e USB sticks, memory cards, CD's etc.) should be limited as far as practically possible

Don’t forget about your hardware! Whilst the security of stored date is an important consideration it is also important to secure the physical IT equipment (such as a server) as well.

Strong insurance cover providing protection for extortion costs, system reinstatement and costs involved with regulatory issues should form part of any protection procedure for commercial businesses in the UK. All are vulnerable and the random spread of some Cyber attacks renders us powerless to predict who will be targeted next.

However, remember, prevention is better than the cure. Whilst we commend our customers for ensuring that they have correct Cyber Insurance, this will only come into play once a loss has been suffered, to restore your business. It won’t eliminate the stress and heartache of dealing with an attack whilst it is ongoing.

If you wish to discuss this or any further elements of Cyber Insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us.