Thursday 22 February 2018
Luxury cars – research the insurance costs

Smart car drivers live up to the name as earlier data has revealed that they have one of the lowest "at fault" insurance claim rates of other car makes.

By comparison, the same data indicated that Lexus owners were amongst the worst offenders, along with other luxury brands such as Land Rover and Audi.

When Insurers calculate costs, they take a number of factors into consideration such as mileage, engine size, parking arrangements and the driver's details.

Premiums are then based upon the statistical likelihood that a car will be involved in an accident based on those parameters. The driver's past record of accidents and claims will also be taken into consideration.

It is a fact that claims will always impact premiums and claiming for either an at-fault or none fault accident will have a bearing on the cost of car insurance premiums.

Unfortunately, many of the factors involved in insurance pricing are difficult for drivers to change at will. Drivers can choose to have a black box installed, restrict mileage or who will drive and some of these may result in an Insurer offering a reduced premium.

However, buying a "favourable" car make, from an Insurer perspective, is a significant factor and could cut premium costs.

It is important to emphasise that every Insurer is different in the way it prices each model of car, based on its own experience with that particular vehicle, but whilst it is certainly beneficial to search the market for the best quotes before taking out a policy, another thing drivers can do to help with insurance costs is to conduct some research on particular models before buying a car.

Not only do the luxury, high value cars tend to carry increased premiums, but Insurers also often seek additional security such as tracking devices which add to the overall cost. It is therefore prudent to consider the model and type of car in advance of a purchase.