Wednesday 4 April 2018
Global Threat Map

The world is getting smaller and smaller. Business and personal travel is so much easier with international company expansions, airline and tour operators competition driving down prices and new accommodation options and facilities coming into the travel industry.

Most people don’t consider the risk that a destination can have for travellers, unless it’s country with a reputation for crisis situations. Unfortunately, in today's’ world we are more at risk to threats than ever before and this includes more destinations each year. This is not only restricted to personal risk but our cyber identities and data are also under threat.

Being prepared for any situation is important and information on crisis solutions insurance is important for a successful and safe journey. It’s essential to have as much knowledge as you can about your personal security.

A leading global risk and crisis management consultancy have compiled a comprehensive global risk map detailing not only security risk, but political risk across the world. With this information you will be able to make an informed decision and take the necessary steps ahead of your travel to ensure a safe and successful journey.

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