Friday 14 December 2018
Identity Theft

Criminals are relentlessly targeting individuals, so much so that Identity Theft in the UK has hit epidemic levels.

An increase of 125% has been recorded on 2007 with nearly 175,000 cases in 2017.8 out of 10 cases took place online as vast amounts of personal data are readily available online or through data breaches.Fraud Prevention Agency (CIFAS) noted that the increase came from fraudsters targeting telecoms, online shopping and insurance sites.

Criminals are using victims’ identities to apply for loans, insurance and phone contracts online or sell the information on the dark web.Victims normally do not realise that they have been targeted until receiving their bank statements or receiving a letter from a company they have never dealt with.

Consumers must be alert to the threat and take action to protect their personal information.

WTJ’s “High Net Worth” Household Policies provide Cyber Crime and Cyber Legal Defence covers in addition to providing support via an Insurer dedicated “Identity Theft Helpline”. A personal caseworker will provide telephone advice and devise a personal action plan to help regain your identity and help take the stress out of the situation.

Should legal support be required to reinstate your identity or defend any lawsuit brought against you by traders, you have the peace of mind that that is included too.

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