Wednesday 8 April 2020
Premises checklist – Keeping your property safe & secure

During the Covid-19 outbreak there may be times when you’re required to leave a property empty for an extended period. To help keep your premises safe and secure we have listed several precautionary measures that we would suggest that you need to take to safeguard your property.

Disconnect power – Turn off all battery charging equipment that you won’t be using. Switch off and disconnect any portable appliances from sockets if they are not needed. Don’tisolate all electrical systems at the main switch board when power is needed to power alarm systems or other critical building systems.

Get rid of rubbish – Try not to leave any waste in your unattended building or close to the external building perimeter. Ensure bins or skips are away from the building (a minimum of 5 meters if practiable) and empty if possible.

Remove valuable items – Where practical, remove any cash or valuable items including portable office equipment that is not needed.

Be prepared to respond to any incident – Ensure all key staff have access to call out lists, Emergency Response Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans.

Keep it heated – As we move into Spring heating may not be a problem, but as a rule all buildings should be kept at a temperature above 4 degrees centigrade to take care of the heating and water systems.

Light it up – If possible, leave the external security lighting switched on or programmed by times or activated by light sensors.

Keep fire protection active – Ensure all fire protection systems, including fire suppression systems such as sprinklers and fire detection systems, are active and maintained and ensure that the systems are remotely monitored.

Isolate water – If the property is going unoccupied for a long period of time, isolate water supplies that are not required for fire protection systems or other critical equipment.

Lock up – Make sure you close all the doors, especially any fire doors, lock your windows and close any shutters.

Set the intruder alarm – Check the system is working and remotely monitored if applicable. Ensure all alarm activations will be attended by a key holder.

Keep an eye on it – Maintain security visits and site safety checks where practical and possible.